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How AI is Helping Luxury Leaders Enhance Brand and Gain Customers

Luxury Social Listening and Customer Sentiment Analysis

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3rd March 2024

luxury customer sentiment analysis


Learn what you need to know about luxury social listening, data mining and customer sentiment analysis.

What it is, the way it works and what it can do for your business as a luxury leader and investor.

This will help you:

• Understand Brand Perception

• Define Business and Marketing Strategy

• Acquire and Keep Customers

• Create New Products and Services

• De-risk and Protect Investments


What is Luxury Data Mining and Social Listening?

luxury data analysis methods

Luxury social listening and data mining is the process of collecting customer data and conversations from:

• Social Media Sites

• Customer Service Centres

• Review Sites

• Surveys

• Forums and News Sites

• Customer Chatbots and More

What is Luxury Social Listening and Data Mining? 3

Often referred to as opinion mining; social listening and data mining allows you to understand what customers are saying about your brand and products and services.

Once you understand what your customers are saying. You will want to know how they feel about your brand and products.


What is Luxury Customer Sentiment Analysis?

Luxury leaders and fund managers, who invest in company stocks, want to know what customers think about their brands and it’s product and services.

Luxury customer sentiment analysis is the use of artificial intelligence to understand the opinions and feelings of customers.