Powering and Protecting Investment Positions and Growth

My bespoke luxury customer analysis reports help luxury investors and leaders to gain scarce and actionable insight that fuels business and investment success.

Luxury brands like Estee Lauder, Tom Ford, La Mer and the leading fund managers that invest in public listed luxury companies like The Real Real dominate with this business intelligence.

An now you can take advantage of this intelligence too.

With my reports you’ll be able to make higher returns than other investors, make smarter decisions to protect your investments and make data driven decisions.

As a luxury leader you’ll be able to gain more customers, make more profit and enter new markets with more accurate insight.

Discover what luxury customer sentiment analysis is and how it will lead you to success



A Complete Guide to Luxury Customer Sentiment Analysis

Luxury Leaders and Investors every quarter and fiscal are making higher returns and profits than ever before.

My tailored reports involve identifying, collecting cleaning, analysing and extracting insights from customer conversations online, Also referred to as big data mining.

Big Data Mining is collecting and cleaning customer conversations on social media, forums and customer review sites.

This process lead to social listening.

Social Listening is analysing the data customer conversations which allows you to understand more about your customers including their typical age, location, spending habits and preferences and dislikes.

You can identify the most popular customer conversations around you brand, products, services, customer service and key business decisions to help you protect investments, gain customers and revenue.

Sentiment Analysis of social media and online conversations is undertaken to understand how customers feel towards a luxury brand and their products and services. Using artificial intelligence and algorithms to categorise their sentiment or feelings into positive, negative, joy or anger.

Discover why customer sentiment analysis creates winners and losers in the luxury market.