Purpose + Principles

The code by which i live by is called Nú Heritage.

It takes inspiration from both the past, present cultures and beliefs.

Heritage and Contemporary


“The main task of any teacher is to make a subject interesting”

Maths Academic

W.W Sawyer

Fun as an Act of Resistance

Jargon, acronyms and words we cannot understand only take us further away from answers and the truth.

Business should be fun.

My mission is to entertain, educate and hopefully inspire you.

“The Sufi doesn’t consider life as different from business, but he sees how real business can be achieved in the best manner”

Sufi Teacher

Hazrat Inanyat Khan


My beliefs are inspired by the ancient sufism beliefs and teachings.

My marque is a rose which is a metaphor for personality.

“Either the ego develops thorns or it develops into arose, and when it develops into a rose then everyone is attracted to it because of its beautiful petals, its delicacy, its fragrance, its colour, its softness, its structure.”

Sufi Teacher

Hazrat Inanyat Khan


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