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Heritage Education

I attended cranleigh school set in the english countryside in surrey.

Founded in 1865 to educate englands land owners, politicians and business leaders.

It has a rich heritage and history of educating the country and the world’s leaders in business, politics and sport.

The schools motto is Ex Cultu Robur which is latin for ‘ from culture comes strength’.

This philosophy prepares students to be international students equipped with a diverse education.

Discover how a great british philosopher influenced my craft and work.


Empirical Mindset


Inspired by 17th Century Scientist Sir Francis Bacon

A craft defined by the origins of scientific data gathering and experimentation

At school i studied extensively the teachings of sir francis bacon the famous 17th century british philosopher, scientist and lord chancellor of the united kingdom.

Sir Francis created ‘Empiricism’ and the scientific method in which evidence or data is gathered to prove or disprove beliefs, experiments and gain knowledge.

Empiricism formed my data craftmanship and what is called data science and engineering today.