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Diversity and Inclusion in Luxury Leadership

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11th January 2024

luxury diversity and inclusion
How Diverse is Leadership in Luxury’s Top Companies?

Over 50% of all luxury products are sold by luxury’s largest group of companies.

These groups include LVMH ; owner of brands like Louis Vuitton and Kering which owns Saint Laurent.

These brands are some of the most sought after and prestigous in the world.

But who leads the world’s favourite luxury brands?

With the importance of having a diverse workforce and leadership becoming important to all companies.

How diverse is Leadership in Luxury’s (Top) most valuable companies?

This report and analysis is focused on Luxury’s Top Companies and the brands they own which are defined in this reports as LVMH, Kering, Chanel, Hermes, Richemont, Moncler, Prada Group and Capri Group.

The term ‘ Top Luxury CEO’ or related phrases refers to an individual who is the Chief Executive Officer of a ‘Top luxury company’.

Discover insights to the diversity of Luxury’s Top CEOs.

*Data accurate Dec 2023

  • Women occupy 28% of Luxury CEO roles in Luxury’s Top Companies

  • 30 Women CEOs in Luxury’s Top Companies

  • LVMH & Kering have the most Women CEOS

  • 60% of Luxury’s Top Perfume & Cosmetics brands are led by Women

  • Only 5% of Luxury’s Top CEOs are People of Colour

  • 82% of Luxury’s Top CEOs are University or College Educated

  • 66% of University educated Top Luxury CEO’s studied Business

  • France most popular country where Top CEOs are educated

  • Insead most popular Business School where Luxury CEOs are educated

  • Average age of Top Luxury Woman CEO is 52 vs Men which is 49

  • Takes Top Luxury Women CEOs on average 4 years more to become CEO than Men

There are 109 CEOs in the Top Luxury Companies.

28% of these Luxury CEOs are women. This is inline with the wider business world average. In 2019 29% of all global senior management roles were filled by women.

Luxury’s Top Companies are publicly listed companies and of the 500 largest public listed companies in the world or the S&P 500 Women CEOs have delivered higher profits and returns for investors over the last 10 years.

With Luxury’s Top Companies and the industry as a sector slowing down recently. Are more Luxury Women CEOs the answer to growth?

In 2023 there are 30 women CEOs at the Top Luxury Companies.

Between these women the companies they lead generate annual revenue of around £50 billion.

If they were a country that would put them in the top 100 countries by GDP or the income made my countries from selling goods or services.

Some Top Luxury Companies however have more Women CEOs than others.

LVMH has the most amount of Women CEOs. 64 in total of which 19 are women and 45 are Men.

LVMH owns over 60 Top Luxury Companies more than any of the Top Luxury groups so has more opportunity to hire and promote Women CEOs.

Kering which owns 18 Top Luxury Companies has 12 CEOs. 4 of which are women and 9 are men.

33% of Kering’s CEOs are Women compared to 29% for LVMH.

This is much higher compared to the world’s most valuable top companies. The world’s most valuable companies are listed on the stock exchange including the Fortune 500 and S&P 500.

Only 8% of Fortune 500 CEOs are Women. 6% of S&P 500 companies are run by women.

Interestingly some types of Luxury’s Top Companies have much more women ceos than others.

If you are a Women CEO at a Top Luxury company you are much more likely to be working in Perfume and Cosmetics.

15 of the 109 Top Luxury CEOs work in Perfume and Cosmetics of which 9 are Women CEOs.

Which means there are more Women CEOs working in Luxury’s Top Companies than Men CEOs.

Watches and Jewellry are the least diverse in terms of Women CEOs at luxury’s top companies.

Luxury’s Top Companies are very diverse when it comes to gender. How diverse are they when it comes to ethnicity?

Out of the 109 Top Luxury CEOs there are only 5 people of colour (5% of total) or those that are not white caucasians.

They are Charles Leung CEO of LVMH brand Fred Paris, Leena Nair CEO of Chanel, Mehdi Benabadji CEO of Brioni, Rihanna who is the CEO of LVMH owned Fenty Beauty which she founded and Ada Lien CEO of fresh.

In 2021 there were 66 people of colour CEOs out of all the Fortune 500 & S&P 500 companies which is 9% of all curre