how to practice mindfulness for luxury leaders

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A Complete Mindfulness Guide for Luxury Leaders


The Fresh Kid

21st January 2024

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Mindfulness Luxury Leadership

“It’s all in your mind”

They say it’s all in your mind. That all our challenges and everything standing in the way of what we want is down to how we use our minds. Leadership coaches, motivational speakers and the like love this catchphrase.

You’ll often see it quoted on social media.

For me i have almost always found this quote to be true. As a former rugby player with 3 international caps the main thing i learned from playing elite sport is the power of the mind.

I believe that your mind and your ability to control it is the most powerful skill you can master as a luxury leader.

How you tackle challenges, convince people, execute daily tasks and deliver is connected to mastery of your mind.

Like the best athletes and sports people the leading luxury leaders invest in and nurture their minds to improve their daily performance.

Nurture and Protect your Mind

How to practice mindfulness for luxury leadership

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I see my mind as my engine which i have to look after and strengthen every single day. Like a plant i have to feed it with the right ingredients and as a muscle i must exercise. How well i feed, strengthen and protect my mind determines how well it performs.

For me as a former athlete and the easiest way for me to keep my mind strong is exercise.

Exercise is Fuel for the Mind

Mindfulness luxury leadership

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I exercise almost everyday. jogging, competitive white collar boxing and bikram yoga. This is part of my weekly routine which i plan into my diary on a sunday for the week ahead.

This daily ritual keeps me disciplined as i wake up early most days to exercise. Usually between 4-5am.

It’s my base layer of how i nurture and protect my mind. If i don’t exercise regularly through the week i often feel tired especially if i have a busy week.

At my worst if i don’t exer